Struggling to get in 30 grams of protein at each meal??
Constantly feeling hungry, low energy and gaining weight?

Say hello to Protein Power – the comprehensive 4-week program designed specifically for women like you, seeking a transformative solution to regain control over their bodies and lives.

Protein Power contains a simple (and delicious) framework to follow so that you can easily hit your protein target for the day.

If you’re feeling confused about what to put on your plate – you’re not alone!

The truth is, many women are under-eating protein and aren’t nourishing their bodies properly, which can lead to weight gain, hormonal imbalances, constant cravings and a decrease in performance.

Plus, in order to build and maintain muscle mass, we need more protein in our diet! But let’s face it, that becomes harder as we age but needs to become a priority if we want to age well, move gracefully, pick up our kids or our grandchildren.

Inside Protein Power you'll receive high-quality protein recipes, with a complete protein portion guide along with a breakdown of protein macros per serving so you can easily eat enough protein in the day to fuel your body and health.

Get ready to enjoy steady energy, mental clarity,
and feeling great from the inside out!

Inside The Protein Power Program, You’ll Receive:

High-Protein Recipes

Over 25 high protein, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a macro breakdown for each recipe, to help you get in those 30 grams (if not more!) at each meal. Did you know that 2 eggs contain only 12 grams of protein? If you're eating 2 eggs at breakfast, it's not nearly enough to boost metabolism and support your energy.

4-Week Meal Plan

A 4-week comprehensive meal plan, with breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus a clear break-down of what to prep for each week of your program. This guide also includes a grocery shopping list to help you stay organized. Feel free to follow the plan exactly as is, or pick and choose from all the options to create a plan that works for you and your schedule.

Snack Guide

Who doesn't love a good mid-afternoon snack? I've included a protein-powered snack guide, providing you with examples and ideas of protein-rich snacks that don’t take long to prep and perfect for on-the-go busy days.

Getting Started Guide

A Getting Started guide outlining the importance of why protein matters for our health, hormones and longevity, plus tips to help you have the most success on this program.

Portion Guide

A protein portion guide outlining protein macros per serving size so that you can easily make swaps to your recipes, increase your protein intake if you desire to and support you in planning your meals. 
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    A little bit about me…..

    In case we haven’t met before, my name is Samantha Gladish. I help guide women to thrive in both their body + business. 

    I’ve been a Hormone Nutritionist for over 15 years and a business mentor, working closely with women in my virtual online practice. My ultimate goal, is make things EASY for you. To teach you the foundations, because they matter most. And quite frankly, we tend to skip them! 

    As someone who has dealt with hormone imbalances and autoimmune hashimotos, I know the importance that nutrition plays on our overall health and wellbeing. I am passionate about creating programs and courses to help you achieve vibrant health and take the complexity out of healing. Because if there’s anything I want you to know, it’s that healing doesn’t have to be so hard.

    I hope this program supports you in feeling more energetic, balanced and allows you to see how the simple things matter most and often make the biggest difference in our vitality.
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