ready to balance your hormones, optimize your thyroid & heal your metabolism
without restriction, deprivation, counting calories or expensive supplements?


-- You have cold hands and feet
-- You're losing your hair
-- You're gaining weight (even though you eat healthy and exercise)
-- You're noticing shifts with your menstrual cycle - either heavier, lighter, irregular or painful
-- You feel exhausted and couldn't even fathom giving up your coffee
-- You're craving sugar
-- You're sex drive is loooow 
-- You feel bloated, gassy and constipated
-- You're sleep isn't great - you often wake in the middle of the night and don't feel refreshed in the morning


-- Overwhelmed with all the nutrition advice online
-- Confused on what to eat to support your hormones
-- Frustrated that your thyroid medication keeps increasing but you continue to feel like s**t!
-- Take a boat load of supplements but still don't feel well
-- Frustrated with your doctors lack of support and guidance to truly help you heal

Ready to ditch diet culture and reconnect to your body's wisdom?
Join hundreds of women inside Naturally Nourished who are conquering their thyroid and hormone issues using a step-by-step blueprint that takes into count the female physiology without complication or restriction. 

If you’ve been chasing quick fixes and jumping on the new diet bandwagon every few months, only for your symptoms to return, Naturally Nourished is for you!


Take control of your life by using the Naturally Nourished blueprint that gives you back your energy, vitality and your health.

It’s safe to say that many of us are constantly chasing the next ‘5 pounds’ and wondering why as we age, our metabolism, hormones and all-around vitality start to diminish. This leads us on a vicious cycle of diet after diet, restriction, deprivation, overwhelm, complication and down-right frustration. 

Am I right?!

I remember sitting around my grandparents table enjoying sourdough bread, fresh cheese, meat, seafood, fruit and veggies from the garden. Nowadays, I’m just bombarded with constant marketing of gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, fat free. 

I mean, how is this food freedom?

In the quest of re-connecting to my own health and healing my thyroid and metabolism, I’ve been asking myself some deep questions -- how did we become so disconnected from our physiological design? 

What led us to no longer trust the innate healing ability of our bodies to digest food and feel nourished?

Well… thanks to soil depletion, EMF’s, environmental toxins, high stress corporate jobs behind computer screens and pharmaceuticals, we are living so far from what our ancestors have taught us. 

Which is why it’s time to reclaim our health, ignite our metabolism, trust our bodies and get back to ancestral eating & living, so that we can finally find food freedom, ditch diet culture and restore vitality. 

Meet Samantha Gladish

In case we haven't met before, my name is Samantha Gladish. I'm a Hormone Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author and the host of one of Canada’s top-rated podcasts, the Wellness Witch. 

I was diagnosed with autoimmune hashimotos in 2017 and dealt with a wide range of symptoms, from fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, sleeplessness and anxiety.

That led me to dive deep into studying metabolism and thyroid health. I realized that many of the protocols and diets we follow today are trashing our metabolism leading down a path of imbalances, symptoms and dysfunction.

This led me to create Naturally Nourished, a step by step program to help women restore their metabolism and reclaim their hormone vitality.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this self-paced course….

EAT TO HEAL – Here I take you through the pro-metabolic foundations of what it means to heal to your metabolism and thyroid using a food first approach and share the 9 fundamental strategies you can get started with.

THYROID HEALING – You'll learn all thyroid health and why your thyroid is your metabolic igniter + learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of a sluggish thyroid and how to start healing it for good.
THYROID TESTING – We'll dive into thyroid testing and nutrients. You'll learn what tests are important, what ranges to look out for and how to better advocate for yourself at your doctor's appointments.
ADRENAL FATIGUE - This class is a dive into adrenal health. You'll gain the understanding of how adrenal imbalances play a role in a sluggish metabolism. You'll learn how to connect the dots to your seemingly random hormone symptoms and imbalances. 
ALL ABOUT THE FOOD - In diet transitions, you'll gain a clear understanding of how to nourish yourself with the right macronutrients, let go of diet culture surrounding carbs, animal proteins and high fat diets and structure your meals for nourishment and hormone healing using real food.
TRACKING YOUR TEMPERATURE - You'll learn how to take both objective and subjective measurements of your health and hormones using your temperature and pulse rate. These measurements will help you understand more clearly what's going on with adrenal function, thyroid conversion and blood sugar. 
YOUR HEALING PROTOCOL - Your Phase I protocol will outline exactly how to get started with the Naturally Nourished strategies. Phase II and III, along with liver detox, gut healing, progesterone mastery and so much more will be uploaded into your member library that you have lifetime access to!

The Naturally Nourished program will continue to be updated with new training modules. As a member inside the program, you'll get access to our monthly women's circles and Live community Q&A CAlls + guest interviews. 

Plus, Get Your Resources!

Inside the member area you'll get access to your food lists and nutrition program guide + temperature and pulse rate ebook, pro-metabolic recipe book and so much more! The resources section will continue to be updated to help you on your healing journey.

naturally nourished is currently on sale 

OR 2x payments of $250 available at checkout
  • A step-by-step program to help you heal your metabolism, optimize your thyroid and balance your hormones
  • Contains 7+ self-paced modules PLUS downloadable resources, recipes + guides (new resources are constantly added)
  • Lifetime access to all modules and trainings, workbooks and newly added content

In a matter of weeks you could be on your way to feeling nourished, restored & empowered in your health

It's time to optimize your female physiology with a complete blueprint that teaches you how to nourish your way to metabolic and hormone restoration



How long will it take me to complete this program?
That is entirely up to you as this program is self paced. I suggest you go slow and work through the modules one by one. Keep in mind that new modules and trainings will continue to be uploaded. 
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of this program, we DO NOT offer refunds. Once you purchase it, it is yours.
How long do I have access to the program?
You have 12-month access to the program plus the monthly Q&A live calls. If you'd like to continue ongoing access to the materials, upgrades and monthly calls, you can renew your membership yearly (at a significantly lower price than your original payment).
What are the typical results experienced?
The women coming into the program are all dealing with their own symptoms and issues. Improvements and results can vary, but most women will experience: easier pain free periods, more energy, increased libido, more food freedom and letting go of restriction, resulting in food enjoyment. Balanced weight, better moods, optimized thyroid function, increased metabolic rate and temperature, support fertility and menstrual cycle issues. 
Can I really balance my hormones and support metabolism with nutrient dense food?
If you don't supply your body with the raw materials (minerals, energy, enough macronutrients), nothing else will work. You have to build the foundation first. Expensive testing and fad diets don't solve the root cause of your issues. Addressing the root (metabolism) will improve your symptoms, hormonal makeup and thyroid.
Is their private coaching available?
You can always upgrade and invest to work with one of our coaches and dive deeper into testing if you'd like. Inside the Naturally Nourished program, there is NO private coaching available, but access to monthly live Q&A community calls. 
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