PCOS often comes with a myriad of symptoms from insulin resistance to out-of-control acne, facial hair growth, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain and irregular cycles. Every woman’s symptoms are unique, but there is a way to regain balance over your hormones and heal your body.

The good news: There’s a solution to all of this – MY NEW HEAL YOUR PCOS ECOURSE
In a sea of information it can be overwhelming to filter out the truth. It’s frustrating trying to navigate your way through it all and find a solution to feel better. I know it is frustrating to go to the doctor and be told to “lose weight, start exercising and go on a low carb diet.” If it was that simple, millions of women with PCOS would not be struggling with their symptoms or be down-right confused. 

There’s a good chance you have a lot of unanswered questions such as…

  • ​Why can’t I lose weight? 
  • Why is my hair falling out? 
  • ​Will my periods ever be normal?
  • ​Will I ever get a period again?
  • ​What do I do when my medications don’t work? 
  • ​How can I get rid of this cystic acne?
  • ​Can I ever have a baby?
Armed with the right tools, diet, nutrition, supplement support and lifestyle strategies, YOU CAN regain the health of your hormones and body. Wouldn’t you love to start feeling better, lose the extra pounds, be able to fit back into your favourite clothes, regain the fullness of your hair and bring back your period? 

Are you ready? If you suffer from PCOS or suspect you have PCOS, this 4-week Heal Your PCOS eCourse will help you heal from the inside-out. Starving yourself and taking drug after drug for weight loss, fertility and PMS are not the answer. You need real change - not a band-aid approach. Real change comes from within.

Learn how to care for your body properly.
You will learn not just how to advocate for yourself when you go to the doctor’s office, but also what to eat, what kind of activities you should focus on to lose weight and gain back a sense of normalcy in your life. You will get all the tools and resources you need to live a better life. 


Clearer, glowing skin
Easier weight loss
Less Mood Swings
Feeling Energized and Motivated
A healthy pain free period
  • ​No more being confused about what to eat to support your hormones
  • ​No more confusion over supplements
  • ​No more confusion about hormones and proper testing
  • ​No more frustration
  • ​No more trying to find a solution by constantly googling your symptoms


    This is a comprehensive 4-week program that covers:
    • Week 1 Guide: PCOS and Nutrition (includes a 2 week meal plan with recipes + a shopping list)
    • Week 2 Guide: ​How to identify which PCOS type you are and get to the root of your condition (includes a supplement guide for each type of PCOS + self-assessment handout)
    • Week 3 Guide: Detoxing from sugar
    • Week 4 Guide: PCOS and your period 
    • ​Learn how to eat to balance your hormones and regulate your cycle (or bring back your cycle!)
    • ​Stay on track with weekly accountability work sheets
    • ​Learn about the different types of sugar and how they can impact your PCOS
    • Understand PCOS, your period and the impacts of the birth control pill
    • ​Access to my Health Hormones For Women Facebook community for additional support
    • Receive my BONUS GUIDE on How to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control + Supplement Protocol​
    • Plus a ton of other resources that will empower you to take PCOS’s symptoms head on with confidence. 
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    • You'll also receive my BONUS GUIDE on How to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control + Supplement Protocol
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    Hi! I'm Samantha Gladish, Weight Loss Coach, and Hormone Fixer-Upper. 
    I’ve worked with hundreds of women helping them lose weight, heal their PMS pain, rebalance their hormones, reverse their PCOS and diabetes (yes – reverse!) and get pregnant naturally.

    By supporting the liver, supporting hormonal levels with the right foods + supplements and tracking the hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle, YOU CAN get the body, health and life you’ve always wanted. 

    I'll let you in on a secret -- it's NOT about finding the best cream to fix your acne, or popping yet another supplement to fix your fatigue. Those quick-fix, band-aid solutions straight up don't work.

    The solution to healing your hormonal imbalances -- and supporting your PCOS -- is with the right foods, a ton of support and the education I share in this course. That’s what I’m here to show you over these next 4 jam-packed weeks.
    You don't have to feel hopeless and struggle alone. 
    I know this program is perfect for you if…
    You are tired of not knowing how to deal with your current PCOS symptoms, like hair loss, weight gain, brain fog and acne.
    You want to once and for all clearly understand PCOS and your hormones.
    You want to be a better advocate for your body.
    Sound like you?
    Then sign up for my HEAL YOUR PCOS COURSE TODAY!

    A healthier, more energetic, glowing, stronger you is waiting right around the corner!
    Samantha Gladish
    Weight Loss Coach & Hormone Fixer Upper
    Founder Of HolisticWellness.ca

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